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Sculpture as Textiles; Textiles as Sculpture. »

On February 21st, 2015 Polly Leonard wrote on the subject of Artisans,Exhibitions, shows and workshops,Selvedge.

Any exhibition that explores the three-dimensional qualities of textiles is a winner in my book.  For me this quality is what gives life to fibre and cloth. Gina Grassi has brought together a lovely mix of works that explore the techniques of layering, moulding, printing, stretching, folding and weaving. Some familiar names and some newcomers; […]

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The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show »

On February 18th, 2015 Emma Neen wrote on the subject of Exhibitions, shows and workshops.

The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show is one of the most highly regarded textiles and craft event in the UK and it’s your opportunity to share your love of textiles with others. Whatever your craft passion it is the perfect place to find inspiration, learn new skills and shop for all your essential supplies. Use the […]

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Make Believe Project »

On February 3rd, 2015 Polly Leonard wrote on the subject of Artists and Designers,Crafts,Exhibitions, shows and workshops.

“Those who do not listen to their boredom when reading, like those who pay no attention to pain, may be increasing their suffering unnecessarily,” warns philosopher and School of Life founder Alain De Botton in The Consolations of Philosophy. He goes on to issue readers permission to be impatient, warning “Whatever the dangers of being […]

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Good Company »

On January 14th, 2015 Clare Bungey wrote on the subject of Crafts,Exhibitions, shows and workshops,Selvedge.

It was dark, cold, mid-week in January (and there was a bus strike) but last night, gathered inside the beautiful Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, everything felt warm and bright. One of Selvedge’s New Year resolutions is to draw the threads of the magazine together and create a more integrated community. So our small gathering to […]

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Body of work »

On January 13th, 2015 Beth Smith wrote on the subject of Artists and Designers,Exhibitions, shows and workshops,Selvedge.

We’ve loved Louise Body’s prints since we spotted them in a Stella Jean photoshoot. If it’s possible to be both delicate and bold then Louise, who trained in painting and graduated from Nottingham University, has mastered the art. Her latest collection of 4 wallpapers and 9 printed fabrics is called ‘Peggy’ and was inspired by […]

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