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On April 28th, 2016 Grace Warde-Aldam wrote on the subject of Selvedge.

Nurturing and promoting the designers and makers who inspire us is crucial to the Selvedge ethos – they are as much a part of our story as we are theirs – without them Selvedge would not exist. For Selvedge Artisan Fair makers and visitors alike we thought we’d share with you a glimpse into the […]

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100 Days to go »

On April 27th, 2016 Grace Warde-Aldam wrote on the subject of Selvedge.

With only 100 days to go until the Olympic Games begin in Rio, team GB’s sports kit – designed by Stella McCartney – has been officially revealed. “In a project that has been in development for two years, McCartney has designed 590 different items of clothing, all created to maximise the athletes’ efficiency in their […]

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Indigo Blue »

On April 26th, 2016 Grace Warde-Aldam wrote on the subject of Selvedge.

For over thirty years, Jane Callender has committed herself to the slow art of shibori – thinking, planning, and stitching geometric structures that burst with pattern, rhythm and movement on cloth. Her process is acutely time-consuming. She describes herself as ‘engrossed’ in her practice – a friend describes her as ‘ploughing her own furrow’. As […]

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Mothering Sunday »

On April 25th, 2016 Grace Warde-Aldam wrote on the subject of Selvedge.

In the Middle Ages it was felt that the tight swaddling would protect the baby, preventing injury and ensuring the delicate limbs didn’t fall off! Often wrapped onto a be’ – a cushion-like pad – the baby would be warm, immobile and settled, and could be left safe and peaceful beside the fire: ideal for a […]

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On April 24th, 2016 Penny Gray wrote on the subject of Selvedge.

Rebecca Engels has been collecting fabrics from all over the world, mostly from France, for a number of years. She also re-purposes second-hand fabrics and hand makes a range of her own beautiful cushions and bags through her label Rebecca’s Aix. What made you start making and collecting? Cupboards overflowing with fabrics and an already well […]

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