Cloth: Seeds to Bloom

Julie Paterson has been painting, printing and designing textiles through her fabric company Cloth for over twenty years. Since establishing Cloth, British born Paterson has become one of Australia’s leading textile artists. Her inspirations come from the Australian landscape, but her ethos and simple approach to living are a huge influence on both how and what she makes.


Working with a small team and using traditional techniques, Paterson’s design and colour palette are consistently vibrant and recognisable. The exhibition ‘Cloth: Seeds to Bloom’ is a celebration of Paterson’s whole body of work and design process. Her book ‘Clothbound’ – which includes her own creative manifesto – will, along with a selection of her own fabrics, also be available at the Australian Design Centre. Paterson is worth knowing about for anyone with an interest in how to maintain a calm and happy lifestyle with a successful creative brand.

17 July to 15 August 2015




2 comments on Cloth: Seeds to Bloom

  1. Phyllis Harper Loney says:

    Julie sounds like a designer I can admire wholeheartedly. The simplicity of the designs is lovely to see. The making of a life as a whole piece is inspiring.

  2. Sarah says:

    Inspiring. Uplifting. Rejuvenating! Simply exquisite.
    Rejoicing :)

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