Selvedge covers the London Design Festival 2015

With the launch date of the London Design Festival drawing closer and closer, Selvedge is looking to cover a variety of events the festival is staging, ranging from fashion and art, to interior and textile design. The festival, which has been taking place since 2003, hosts over 400 events and exhibitions, focusing not just on designers and performers from the UK, but from across the world.

Kyoko Wainai Meaning of Blue

Some of the highlights we’ll be posting about over the coming weeks:

Offcuts to masterpiece: ingenuity with leather Almaa London leather specialist, collaborates with Central St Martins graduates to host a ‘pop up’ exhibition, using offcuts to reshape the way we think about leather goods by taking the old and making it new.

The Rug Company and Paul Smith Celebrate 15 Years of Collaboration.The London design festival will be celebrating this uniquely British union at the Rug Company’s Kings Road showroom, exploring the influence of Paul Smith’s ever evolving designs.

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White Conduit Presents: The Meaning of BlueWhite Conduit explores the way that blue is used in arts and culture around the world, using a variety of different mediums, such as textiles, photography, and still life.


Klaus Haapaniemi & Co ‘Les Chats, Amis de Putte’ The artist Klaus Haapaniemi celebrates the launch of a new range of products inspired by his neighbourhood cat in Hackney, Putte.

Nazanin Kamali Fine Craft TextilesTextiles and embroidery take a turn for the melancholic and macabre in designer Nazanin Kamali’s exhibition of fine craft textiles.


Utopia Goods Textile Launch at Tent LondonAustralian brand Utopia Goods launches a line of limited edition screen-printed jungle-like textiles, showcasing among other things, original sketches, and furniture.

Ella Doran and the Great Recovery Material Engagement: The Art of Re-upholstery . Includes a talk that deals with the process and inspiration of re-upholstering old furnitures, as well as a discussion of the highlights and rewards.

London Transport Museum Design Uncovered: London Transport Museum Depot Open WeekendThe London Transport Museum Depot holds an open house for visitors to explore the secret design history of the London Underground, learning about the evolution of the ubiquitous font, to the ever-changing seat fabric designs.


Slow Making with Jan Kath and the V&AArtist Jan Kath discusses his process of manual weaving, and the important of old traditions in the act of making something new.

‘Blurring of the Boundaries’. A collaboration between print designer Liz Wellstead and menswear designer Massimo Casagrande. Inspired by Shoreditch street maps, the installation focuses on translating them into geometric shapes, patterns, and gender neutrality within fashion.

LDF at the V&A: The CloakroomAn otherworldly two-room installation by the artist Faye Toogood

DecorexA trade show at Syon Park that exhibits over 400 different companies showing a range of new design products, textiles, fashion and architecture.

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