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In issue 27 we asked you to turn off your tumble-dryer. It might seem like a lot to ask but the advantages are clear. An electric tumble-dryer is one of the largest energy consuming devices in the home, accounting for a massive 4.3% of the UK’s entire domestic energy consumption. We’re hoping that by acting together Selvedge readers can make a real difference so please let us know if you’ve decided to abandon your tumble-dryer in favour of Mother Nature…


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  1. Sarah Wilberforce says:

    For a year now I have had a ceiling airer and a collapsible outdoor dryer. Consequently there is virtually no ironing of shirts, the wind does it for you. The gorgeous smell reminds me of my childhood wash days – always on a monday!

  2. Ellsea says:

    I’m signing up to give it a try – and with 3 young children, that’s going to be no mean feat when the weather’s awful.

  3. i am hoping that this great article and the fabulous photos will inspire more people to hang out their clothes,,,we also have lines in out basement so air drying is possible all year,,and in all weather.AND because the planet also seems to be running out of water,,we shower standing in 5 gallon buckets, then recycle the water in the garden,,or the clothes washer!!

  4. Pips says:

    ‘Hang it out’ is a great idea. I don’t own a tumble dryer though – it’s the washing line or airer for me!

  5. Ooh! I don’t have a tumble dryer – when we had one long ago all our clothes kept getting shrunk! And we stopped using our central heating too – it’s amazing how quickly you adjust to a colder house – although we’re not saints – we do have an oil Aga which heats the kitschen and sitting room and a woodburner for those really cold evenings which has a central chimney to take the chill off the bathroom! t.x

  6. WoHo says:

    We are family of 5, including a gardener, a sculptor and 3 active, outdoorsy children. Hence, plenty of washing!

    We installed a woodburning stove in our kitchen, with an old fashioned, ceiling mounted, airer/drier over it last Autumn. I have hardly used the tumble drier since and I love seeing the multi coloured clothes hanging to dry – a different textile art installation each time!
    Even if the wood burner isn’t going the clothes generally dry over night. Now summer is here there is the added bonus of outdoor drying with clothes smelling of the sun.
    Can’t beat it – and our electricity bill has reduced hugely!

    • Jake says:

      This is why (well one reason aywnay!) why I am introducing some eBooks about writing and communications those who don’t want to pay for my professional writing services can at least learn some of the skills I love your suggestion of 30 minutes a week it’s easy to put off big projects for lack of time but doing it slowly in small chunks is faster than waiting for time and never doing it at all!Tash recently posted..

  7. Julie Shackleton says:

    I don’t own a tumble drier. I invested in a good old fashioned washing line and love the smell and feel of washing that’s been hung out. Is this as age thing? I’m 48 and was taught the art of pegging out by my mum. I even have a drying line across the stairwell to catch all the rising heat from the house. Looks kind of messy, but totally free.

  8. I use an old fashioned drying rack by Gnu

  9. Fibrefreak says:

    I do not and never, ever had any intention of owning a tumble-dryer. The idea of paying for a process that occurs naturally is just crazy; a symptom of our greed-driven consumer society.
    I have always insisted in having a pulley installed wherever I have lived, and also use various types of clothes horse (also known as winter-dykes).
    My laundry heaven would include the sound of washing getting a good blaw and the smell of line-dried sheets blown to perfection.

  10. Emma Howard says:

    Living in Hawaii, I can hang clothes to dry outside to dry naturally.Sometimes it rains so often that they receive a rain water rinse a couple of times before I take them down.



  11. Amanda Garrett says:

    I don’t own and am proud to say have never owned a tumble dryer. I use a washing line hung near herbs & an old fashioned pulley and clothes horses when its wet to dry indoors. Having an AGA is a mega advantage I must admit but even without one I would not use a tumble dryer. I agree with Fibrefreak above – drying is a process that occurs naturally so why get a machine to do it? Hang it out!

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  13. […] discovered the Sheila Maid featured in the fine publication, Selvedge, in the blog and drygoods section. Speaking of Selvedge, you can spot Angel Hughes’ handmade ceiling airer […]

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