California Quilting

Quilts do know the way to San Jose.   From October 4 through 25, the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles host 30 historical quilts from the Joyce Gross collection.  Considered the earlier quilt scholar, Gross, the founder of Quilter’s Journal, amassed her collection of quilts over 35 years.  This exhibition highlights Gross’s appliqué quilts, and also includes items related to quilting, such as early patterns and quilters’ notebooks.


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  1. how lovely! I’m so close! If I make it out to Cali this month, I will be sure to take a look at the exhibit – thank you!

  2. Nancy Golob says:

    i would like to purchase a copy of all the issues of Selvedge from 00 to 54. i understand not every issue is available thru you, but every one you can manage to find to sell to me. I clearly love what you are doing and it feels very California or New York in the spring to me. I am new to sewing and need all the information I can find to avoid something boring, ordinary or ill fitting.
    Many thanks.
    An old friend,
    Nancy Golob

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