21st December 2011

Congratulations to…

Gill Watson, Simplicity’s Felt Maker. Frances Stevens, yarns, Paperphine. Linda Robinson, Sally Weatherill’s tie and scarf. Erin Thompson, the blanket from The Great English Outdoors, Jane Huett, Quinton-Chadwick’s dress. Ruth Ling, Petra Börner’s print. Darcie Corpus, Toast’s gown and slippers. Althea H, Ally Capellino’s bag. Sandra Loder, Eloise Grey’s jacket. Susan Tische, Tamar Mogendorff’s birdcage. Jeri Auty, a duvet cover set, Cabbages & Roses. Jo Milnes, Pfaff’s Abition 1.0 machine… Happy Holidays to one and all!

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