Wool week… Day one

To celebrate Wool Week we’ll be running competitions for our readers every day of this week. Today’s prize is from The Black Rabbit we have a cute Loopy Lapin Rabbit made from 100% lambswool and worth £30. To enter the competition you must answer this question:

Which breed of sheep provided the wool for the ‘Newbury Coat’ in 1811?

Please email your answer to assistant@selvedge.org the winner will be announced tomorrow.


28 comments on Wool week… Day one

  1. Madalena Borg says:

    Southdown sheep

  2. They were Southdown sheep.

  3. Deirdre Packer says:

    Berkshire sheep

  4. benjia morenstern says:

    South Down Sheep…….
    Wish I could shop and do the events you inform of us..but when living in then States..most of it is out of reach..but thanxs for keeping us informed. benjia

  5. holly mcgee says:

    southdown sheep

  6. Gillian Sowray says:


  7. stevii says:

    Newbury sheep! At the correct address naturally.

  8. Peg Mayor says:

    I think maybe Southdown. Not site but lots of Google hits mention this breed at that point in history.

  9. Annette Walker says:

    The sheep breed was ‘Southdown’ sheared by shepherd Francis Druett.

  10. Judy Chaffee says:

    Wonderful historic memories! Thanks so much,

  11. Sally Irvine says:

    It was Southdown sheep used for The Newbury Coat.

  12. In answer to the competition , the breed of sheep was southdown.

  13. Jill Pack says:


  14. The sheep are Southdowns, shorn at 5am on June 25th and the coat completed at 6.20 pm.
    Penny G-J

  15. amanda says:

    Was feeling rather low but searching for the answer to the question in day one of Wool Week and looking through issue 25 again absolutely cheered me up and made me realise that I must stop putting off doing what I love in order to ‘dust, clean, take care of friends and family’ and allow myself just one day a week with my fabrics and yarns. I’ve been dreaming too long and now’s the time to make it happen.

  16. amanda says:

    Just wanted to say that looking for the answer to question no 1 in Wool Week was such fun and lifted me out of a bit of low mood and made me aware that I must grab a day for myself and get out the yarns and fabrics and make the day dreams reality.

  17. Kathy Sobb (USA) says:

    Southdown sheep were the breed.

  18. Fiona McCarthy says:

    The answer is Southdown Sheep

  19. Chris Gerke says:

    The sheep used were Southdown sheep. Hope I win.
    Thanks, Chris

  20. Chris Gerke says:

    The breed of sheep used for the ‘Newbury Coat’ was Southdown.
    Thanks, Chris

  21. Penny Halsall says:

    Brilliant idea to run competitions! xx

  22. beth connors says:

    southdown sheep, fingers crossed

  23. Berkshire Nott Wether sheep must be the ones as they are the special sheep specific to that area of the land then.

  24. Liliane Peeters says:

    Southdown sheep Blèi-blèblèèèèè

  25. May says:

    Southdown sheep – I had to Google for answer and now I am sad that I don’t have issue 25 and no subscription to the online version. I love the look of the article (I collected postcards of sheep when I was a child!)

  26. I enjoyed the challenge of discovering what kind of sheep they were. After all, they were really the stars of the show. I don’t recall ever seeing Southdown. Up here, sheep are Cheviots or mules; some Texals and the occasional blackface. Also a few Shetland sheep.

  27. Sheila Grice says:

    They were Southdown Sheep

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