Residential 5 Day Creative Textile Course: Flax processing, spinning, weaving and natural dying

10-4, Sun-Thurs, 7-11 May 2017, 10-4, £775 per person

Hosted by Susie Gillespie

Join textile artist Susie Gillespie and learn how to process, spin, weave and naturally dye linen.

Susie will pick your flax from her orchard in August (2016) so it has time to dry. But don't worry, she'll talk you through the process of planting the seeds, rippling and retting the stems so they are ready to be spun.

You'll start by making preparations to the flax stems to prepare them for spinning, this will include revealing the flax fibres, removing the pith, combing them and finally winding them so you can tease off the fiber to produce the yarn.
Once you have a hank of your own linen you can experiment with a range of natural dyes or keep the linen in its natural state. When you're ready, you’ll move in to the weaving studio where you’ll begin your weaving on a shaft floor loom. Susie will advise you on weaving different textures and experiment with wrappings, twill, looping, slits and tapestry inlay. You can also experiment with gesso, paint and earth pigments and if you are making an art piece distress, fray, stain, unravel, darn, stitch, cut and sew fragments together.

You can take the course at your own pace and we hope you’ll find time to enjoy the tradition of sitting together spinning and weaving linen.

You’ll come away with your own linen cushion cover, or piece of artwork made from start to finish completely by you.

In the evenings of this residential course you are free to sit by the wood burner in the Farm House with the other students where you can bring along your own knitting, crochet and sewing projects sharing cake and mulled apple juice and cider. There is no better way to enjoy an evening.

The course is five days and includes all materials, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Suitable for complete beginners and experienced spinners and weavers.

If you have any questions or dietry requirements please email Emma Neen,

Yalberton Farm House, Yalberton Road, Paignton, Devon