Gladys Paulus

12-19 August, Chateau Dumas, Course and board from 1,935

Hosted by Gladys Paulus

Felt artist Gladys Paulus’ work is more often than not found on film sets and theatre stages as her super-size felted animal masks are much in demand for dramatic productions. 

On this workshop with Gladys students will learn the techniques for creating the three-dimensional forms for which she has become known. Depending on your experience (total beginners are welcome on this week) you will either make an artpiece based on textures and patterns from the natural world or tackle something more ambitious such as a series of free-standing sculptural forms based on seed pods, buds and plants.

Feltmaking is both deceptively simple and endlessly complex and is thought to date back to Neolithic times long before we had learned to weave cloth. It is a physical and intimate process during which wool fibres, water and soap are combined to transform into a dense matted fabric which can be shrunk into a tactile form. As the wool shrinks and dries, the shape is stored in the fibre.

The aim of the week is to discover and develop the student's creative approach, process and solutions. Students will explore and observe, study line, texture, tone, scale and composition through a series of samples and will be utilizing various felting techniques. The effects of stitching and manipulating felt during and after the felt-making process with also be covered. Students will create a series of samples, learning as you go about creating a 3D shape using a resist, blending natural colours and creating textural effects. 

Students will work during the week with a variety of protein and cellulose fibres including Finn and Blue Faced Leicester mixed with Angora goat mohair sourced from a local farm. A day of dyeing with woad, which gives a beautiful denim-like blue, will be included in the week and you can dye and incorporate some of these fibres into your work to create a link to the local landscape and remind you of your week at Chateau Dumas.  

Also included is a trip to a local fleamarket as well as to the Sunday morning farmer’s market in medieval St Antonin-Noble-Val. 

Participants will go home with their final object (or two) as well as a series of samples and sketches which can be used to inform their future work. 

Students are asked to bring their own notebooks.

Chateau Dumas, Chateau d'Auty, Nr Toulouse, 82220 Auty

Email for places.


Photography: Bella West