Natural Dyeing: Indigo with Lancaster&Cornish

Hosted by Irene Griffin, 9-10 June, £325

Join us as we explore the wonderful world of natural colour in a series of ‘The Art of Natural Dying’ workshops, as we look in depth at Indigo and explore Shibori techniques. Your journey begins with an introduction to natural dyes and their historical perspective. 

Throughout the afternoon of the first day and for part of the second day, students will create a wonderful technical resource in the form of a fully notated reference booklet of on silk, wool, linen and cotton. For the remainder of the time, students will create their own silk scarf using Shibori techniques. Indigo or indigo tinctoria is a plant that contains a blue dye pigment called indigotin. It has been used throughout history to create a range of blues on fibre, most famously for dyeing denim jeans, which continues today. 

Shibori is a ‘resist dyeing’ technique which originated in the Far-East – here in the west it is known as ‘tie-dyeing’ Fabric or yarn can be prepared for Shibori dyeing by folding, twisting, tying and pressing certain areas with anything ranging from staples, paper clips, cloth pegs and string, then dipped in the dye cat. Where the dye cannot penetrate the fibres the fibre remains un-dyed with some striking results.

Irene has been absorbed in the world of colour since childhood and delights in sharing the ancient art of natural dyeing with textiles students and practitioners. Based in Cornwall at Falmouth University, her ongoing practice of the subject is developing into research of sustainable industrial colour production as well as the anthropological significance of plant dyes.

Sian is an Environmental Scientist and textile lover with a strong family heritage in the cotton weaving mills of Lancashire. Through her company, Lancaster & Cornish, she hand dyes with plan based dyes ribbons and textiles for the wedding industry, and also collaborates eith other artists on the exploration of local and regional colour and landscape. The price includes a daily two course meal, and all materials.

There are 8 places available on this course, suitable for beginners. 

Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Cott Rd, Lostwithiel PL22 0HW