Textile Collage with Mandy Pattullo

12-19 August, Course and board from 1,935

Hosted by Mandy Pattullo

Artist Mandy Pattullo returns to Chateau Dumas this summer with a different course and one which is based on the ideas in her book Textile Collage. You will have the opportunity to work in a number of different styles to produce stitched pieces which are based on creating an animal or bird portrait, a still life inspired collage and tiny pieces that utilise woad dyed textiles and explore ideas of slow stitching. There will be the opportunity to work on to an old piece of quilt, mix in some vintage french finds and get really absorbed in appliqué, patching together and embroidery

Mandy will use the local wildlife as a starting point to her course. When staying in the Chateau or walking locally you might spot a deer, fox, hare, or red squirrel and if you are lucky see or hear the owls and have the opportunity to see many interesting birds and butterflies in the grounds. You will be shown how to build up a portrait of one of these animals or birds onto a piece of old quilt using tiny bits of fabric and hand stitch to create fur and feather. You don't need to be able to draw as Mandy will show you how she makes templates, and indeed will share hers, but you are encouraged to bring some  images of woodland birds or animals of your own to work with to make your work more personal.

On Tuesday the textile collage techniques will  be applied to building up a small piece based on ideas taken from looking at  still life paintings of pots on table, flowers in vases, window sill arrangements. Mandy is passionate about the paintings of Winifred Nicholson and  will encourage you to look at  her paintings and those of Mary Fedden, Elaine Pamphilon and Ben Nicholson for inspiration. You will however create your own still life design, working with paper shapes initially and then  using the serendipity of the fabrics provided to play with the  texture and composition and creating surface decoration with stitch marks rather than paint strokes. 

In the middle of the week we leave nature and still life studies behind and move on to learning about woad, a dyers plant which is inextricably linked to the area and produces a beautiful range of denim like blues.You can bring things to dye from home, pick items up at local markets or buy natural fabric from Chateau Dumas.You will come away with a beautiful pile of woad  dyed cloth which in the second half of the week we will use to create a series of tiny collages where the stitching and rough patchwork approaches will be informed by Boro textiles, a textile tradition based on mending, darning and using simple stitches repetitively to create movement across the surface of the fabric while also  pulling the ragged and scraps together. You might like to extend these little samples into a simple book form, a tiny bag or brooch.

We take a break from the course mid-week to enjoy a day of dyeing with woad, the original blue dye from the woad plant grown in the Toulouse area since medieval times. You can bring things to dye from home, pick items up at local markets or buy natural fabric from Chateau Dumas. 

During the week there is a visit to the nearby, atmospheric Sunday morning food and craft market in St Antonin-Noble-Val, the medieval town where the films Charlotte Gray and The Hundred Foot Journey were filmed.

Chateau Dumas, Chateau d'Auty, Nr Toulouse, 82220 Auty

Email enquiries@chateaudumas.net for places.