Traditional hand stitch quilting with Abigail Booth

Saturday 18 November, 11-5pm £120 per person, including a light lunch and refreshments.

With Abigail Booth from Forest + Found

Forest + Found, is the joint venture of  Abigail Booth and Max Bainbridge. For now, Booth has focused on quilting and Bainbridge on woodworking and their approach could not be more organic. The wood shavings left over from Bainbridge’s practice are used by Booth to dye the cloth she then quilts – she explains that the natural tannins found in different types of wood can create an array of delicate tones, from black and grey to soft purples.

“Her quilts have a simple gravitas; strong graphic motifs based around traditional quilting techniques reflecting chevrons, scallops, crosses and triangles. Machine pieced and then hand-quilted using English waxed linen thread, they often express the tonal subtleties of the natural dyes.” – Ptolemy Mann 

On this course you will learn the art of traditional hand-stitched quilting. You'll be taught how to layer a quilt in preperation for hand stitching. Once ready you can choose to either learn the traditional technique of Baptist Fan quilting (used by Amish quilt makers) or how to transfer a stitch design of your own onto your quilt sample.

During the class you will be taught how to use various quilting techniques including burying your threads to give a clean finish on the surface of your quilt. Finally you'll learn how to finish your sample by binding using a blind stitch.

Students will need:

  • 2 pieces of cloth, 60cm x 60cm (one piece for the front and one for the back) This can be plain or patterned, but be aware that the busier the pattern, the more difficult it is to see the stitch design
  • 1 piece of cotton or bamboo quilt wadding 60 x 60cm
  • Contrasting waxed quilting thread in a colour of your choice. A limited colour choice will be available but please bring any preferred colours
  • A sewing kit including needles and a pair of scissors

The class will have a maximum of 7 participants and is suitable for all abilities, please email Emma with any dietry requirements or questions, her email address is

Selvedge Shop, 162 Archway Road, London N6 5BB