Introduce your company to our readers

In order to get to know them better we carried out a survey every year. Our latest results showed:;

  • 64% of our readers have an annual income of £55k +
  • 86% of readers keep all their copies for future inspiration 
  • 86% have purchased something after seeing an advert in the magazine

And they said...

'I love everything about the magazine, from the paper its printed on to the features and advertising!' Debra Hepburn

'If and when I'm ever stranded on a deserted island, my truck of supplies would include Selvedge along with the tequila and sunscreen and knitting and weaving supplies I'd need to maintain my sanity!' Sandy Gillies

'Love the magazine and google every shop advertised' Maggie Beischer

'...I also like the advertising. It provides something that's unique in the magazine world and makes a great reference book...' Beryl Wilson

'A beautifully-produced small treasure that never fails to interest and excite, combining popular appeal with serious content. Even the adverts are interesting!'  Vivienne Richmond

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Advertising Deadlines
Mechanical Data

Download Rate Card (pdf, 2MB)

Circulation: 25,000
Readership: 75,000
Subscriber base: 10,000
US: 31%
European: 7%
ROW: 10%
UK: 52%
Within the UK  
London and Home counties 50%
Scontland, N West, N East 20%
South West, Wales 20%
Midlands 10%
Selvedge readers are age aged between 16-84
64% have an annual household income of £55k+
98% are women
75% have a degree
85% visit between 10 and 15 exhibitions per year
86% have purchase an item featured in magazine
92% have visited the Selvedge website
occupations include designers, academics, designer makers, home makers, curators, collectors, retailers and dealers.
* readers' survey November 2015




Advertising Deadlines:

Booking Deadlines
Copy Date
Publication Date
1 January
15 January
March / April
15 February
1 March 15 March May / June 15 April
1 May 15 May July / August 15 June
16 June 23 June September / October 15 August
1 September 15 September November / December 15 October
1 November 15 November January / February 15 December
*dates may vary


IFC  dps £5000

BC   £4000

IBC  £2500

     Size (WxHmm)
1 issue insertion
3 issue insertion
Price per advert
6 issue insertion
Price per advert
Size 1, Double page spread 
476 x 238mm
Size 2, Single Page Spread
238 x 238mm
£1350  £1200
Size 3, 2/3 Page
218 x 148mm
 £1080  £960
Size 4, 1/3 Page
218 x 72mm
 £630  £560
Size 5, 2/3 Page
Vertical, masthead space
160 x 238mm
 £1080  £960
Size 6, 1/3 page
70 x 224mm
 £630  £560
Size 7, 1/4 Page 
70 x 148mm
 £450  £400
Size 8, 1/4 Page
144 x 72mm
 £450  £400
Size 9, 1/9 Page
70 x 72mm


Size 10, 1/27 Page
70 x 20mm
£180 £140

Mechanical Data:
Please send complete artwork via email to  or by file sharing softwear

All files are to be supplied in Mac format. Please supply files required with company name clearly marked on folders. A hard copy or cross-referencing digital file must be supplied for checking purposes, same size where possible and in colour. Artworks should be made in high resolution (minimum of 350dpi) in CMYK colours with all fonts embedded. Please make sure to allow 3mm bleed on your artwork. All advertisements are in full colour.

Please do not supply files in RGB, Index colour or DCS format. Avoid enlarging images over 140 percent. Supply all images and font folders placed within the file in case alterations are required. Please also make sure you flatten your artwork if worked in Photoshop layers.

Terms and Conditions
All quotes unless agreed otherwise are based on jobs being supplied complete and requiring no operator intervention. Special position and extra work that is required is chargeable extra 10% of advertising rate. Digital proofs will be provided to all advertisers for approval before going to press. Please note that we can only accept up to maximum of two amendments during proofing stage.

Cancellations must be notified in writing at least 60 days prior to publication. The amount of your refund is determined by the date we receive your notification.

If advertisements are supplied in editable file formats, such as Quark Xpress or open files the client may be liable for charges incurred in converting the file for production.

To find out more about advertising opportunities, please call: 020 8341 9721 or email: