Selvedge Mentoring Service

Selvedge offers support to new and established designer makers through one-to-one mentoring, providing invaluable business advice and practical support to guide them into successful careers.


Our one to one mentoring sessions are aimed at providing product development and marketing advice. Led by Polly Leonard, Founder of Selvedge, each session is one hour in duration. Selvedge’s mentoring programme is suitable for designer-makers working within textiles and at any stage in their career.

Sessions are held on the first Tuesday of every month, Apart from August and December and are held at our offices: 162 Archway Road, London N6 5BB


One hour session, £75.00+VAT

Sessions will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


Product/collection development, commercial viablility, product pricing strategy, tips & advice on sourcing materials, market awareness, marketing strategies, promotion and publicity, creative ways of inexpensive marketing, use of social media relevant to your brand, advice on trade and retail shows, promotion strategies, tips & advice on approaching press.


As part of our support for Emerging Designers, we offer mentees the chance to exhibit their work in our Fairs at 10% discount


  • Selvedge has been promoting textiles for over 10 years. There’s not much about fibres, fabrics and techniques that we don’t know. 
  • Before starting Selvedge, Founder Polly Leonard taught textiles for 10 years and has lectured internationally. 
  • Selvedge launched in 2003 and has a loyal audience of 75,000 readers. All of this was achieved by creative marketing strategies and establishing our niche without a loan or funding of any kind. 
  • Selvedge has worked with over fifty designers and makers to create a range of drygoods which are sold through the Selvedge website 
  • Selvedge works across social media channels with over 100,000 engaged contacts.
Please contact EDITOR@SELVEDGE.ORG to book your place
Once booked please fill out our questionnaire, please click here to download it.