The Drygoods collection

A haven of rarified textiles and esoteric treasures. Behind every item – whether a handmade candle or antique table linen – is a strict criteria… does this piece have its own  story? Does it say something, whether that be about ts material or how it was crafted, that isn’t being said anywhere else? And above all, is it the best example of its type.  You won’t find a collection as sensitively curated anywhere else – it is for anyone who truly appreciates the beautifully made and carefully considered.

Artisan Emporium

Nurturing the designers and makers who inspire us is crucial to the Selvedge ethos – they are as much a part of our story as we are theirs. To that end we established our Artisan Emporium, showcasing, supporting and selling the most thoughtful, intelligent and beautiful textiles in the world. We support our Artisans in what ever way we can with coverage in the magazine as well as making their products available through our website, because we believe their work is important and deserves a discerning platform to enable it to reach an appreciative audience.

Monday-Saturday, 10-17.30 

162 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N6 5BB, United Kingdom  T:+44 (0)20 8341 9721