Stitch in Time

Richard McVetis is a British artist-maker who focuses his practice on hand embroidery but also uses a range of media within his work including drawing, installation and other textiles. Finalist of the 2018 Loewe Craft Prize, McVetis’ artwork has been celebrated in galleries, art fairs, and museums across the world.

The repetitive nature of hand stitching is not only a labour-intensive process but one that reflects important themes central to McVetis’ approach. The ideas around mapping space and marking time are important in his work as he explores the way time and place are felt, experienced and constructed. His pieces are meticulously technical and use striking graphical dots, lines and crosses in monochromatic tones. The simplistic but effective mark making achieved through stitch is inspired by the artist’s love of paper and pen, and specifically drawing with black ink. From an early age drawing was the most accessible medium, through which he was able to create miniature scale worlds on the back of his school exercise books. 

McVetis will exhibit his work alongside other artists in an upcoming exhibition at the Make Hauser & Wirth gallery space in Somerset. The exhibition ‘David Gates: in dialogue’ is described as “an exploration of containment, materiality, and the desire to collect, assemble, order and display.” The focus of the exhibition centres around a new body of work created by David Gates, an artist who combines furniture making with formal research, and includes geometric arrangements of various cabinet constructions. The gallery, together with Gates, have asked a selection of international artist-makers to design, build and submit pieces to be displayed around the cabinets.  

17 Aug - 12 Oct 2019

Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset, 13 High St, Bruton, BA10 0AB

Guest post by Annie Sharp

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