12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS COMPETITION – NO.10 Schiffer Publishing


American Publishing house Schiffer includes books covering arts, architecture, interior and fashion design, gardening, jewellery, crafts, woodworking, regional histories, collectibles, tarot, astrology, spirituality, toys, and books for children. As part of Selvedge's 12 days of Christmas competition Schiffer Publishing are offering a mini library of textile related books to win. TOTAL: $799.2 Bookstack3 Linen:From Flax Seed to Woven Cloth, Linda Heinrich Elegant Table Linens: From Wiel & Durrse including Wilendur, Michelle Hayes Vintage Feed Sacks: Fabric from the Farm, Susan Miller Coverlets and the Spirit of America, Joseph D. Shein & Melinda Zongor 9780764350504s-l1000 Chenille: A Collector's Guide, Judith Ann Greason & Tina Skinner Beacon Blankets: Make Warm Friends, Jerry & Kathy Brownstein Sweetheart & Mother Pillows, 1917-1945, Patricia Cummings Kimono: Vanishing Tradition; Japanses Textiles of the 20th Centery, Revised and expanded 2nd Edition, Cheryl Imperatore & Paul Maclardy SO-SCH-2007-0764326112-WH3-361RYDBAJ1ML._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_ Hmong Story Cloths: Preserving Historical & Cultural Treasures, Linda Gerdner Threads of Gold: Chinese Textiles: Ming to Ching, Paul Haig & Marla Shelton Antique French Textiles for designers, June K. Laval Toil: The Storied Fabrics of Europe and America, Michele Palmer 11514549100-tp-a The Mola: Traditional Kuna Textile Art, Edith Crouch Bogolanfini Mud Cloth: Textile Art with CD, Sam Hilu & Irwin Hersey Ralli Quilts: Traditional Textiles form Pakistan and India, Patricia Ormsby Stoddard Textile Art of the Bakuba: Velvet Embroideries of Raffia, Sam Hilu & Irwin Hersey 61T7K8FWDEL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_51W3EFDMRKL._SX376_BO1,204,203,200_ Paisley: A Visual Survey of Pattern and Colour Variations, Tina Skinner Plaids:A Visual Survey of Pattern Variations, Tina Skinner Tartans: Abbotsford to Fraser, William H. Johnston & Philip D. Smith, Jr Baskets and Basketmakers in Southen Appalachia, John Rice Irwin For a chance to win a Textiles Library from Schiffer Books, make sure to enter our 12 days of Christmas competition. ENTER FOR OUR COMPETITIONS HERE Winners will be announced on 6 January. 9780764350504b  

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  • Linda Moore on

    What a wonderful collection of knowledge and beauty!

  • Ann Galloway on

    New Years resolution of being inspired and creating some beautiful textiles every day could actually become a reality with these books, no excuses!

  • Sigrid Shelley on

    Our ‘Stitch and Fine Conversation’ group would be in heaven with this library!!!!!

  • Susann Wurl on

    I would be in heaven if I won these books. What a treasure trove!

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