12 Days Of Christmas Competition - No. 6 Melin Tregwynt


Melin Tregwynt is a traditional 17th-century white-washed wool mill in a remote wooded valley on the Pembrokeshire coast. Owned by the same family since 1912, the mill today employs around 30 people and produces wool blankets, throws, cushions, furniture, as well as a range of accessories and clothing that combine authentic Welsh tradition with modern design. 

Currently heading the enterprise, Eifion Griffiths, has brought his architectural training to the design and marketing of Welsh blankets and double-cloth, introducing accessories and upholstery products, and developing new markets. “There's an affinity between architecture and weaving,” he suggests. “The structure of double-cloth is indivisible from the design, and small details contribute to creating something larger.”

The first recording of weaving taking place at Melin Tregwynt dates from 1839, but the company itself was founded by Henry Griffiths in 1912. Eifon Griffiths is Henry's grandson; Melin Tregwynt has always been a family company.

While the old-fashioned equipment has bee gradually replaced over the years by more modern and efficient machinery, Melin Tregwynt's signature double-cloth, Cartheni, Welsh Blankets and Upholstery Tweeds are as popular as ever.

For Selvedge's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway, Melin Tregwynt is offering a traditionally-woven double-cloth blanket. To enter click here

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  • Amanda Groves on

    Just love all these wonderful patterns just beautiful

  • Claire Griffin on

    The St David’s Cross design is modern and traditional, a pure mix of today and yesterday, a weave to treasure.

  • Amanda groves on

    Just lovely

  • Erin Prysor on

    I’d love to win this blanket!!!

  • Sioned Meleri Evans on

    These blankets are beautiful! Would love one

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