12 Days Of Christmas Competition: No. 2 Thames & Hudson

Thames & Hudson: a publishing company named after the rivers that flow through London and New York respectively. This homage to east and west, a connection between the Old World and the New, is also reflected in the company's logo: two dolphins facing in different directions.

Founded in 1949 by Austrian-American couple Walter and Eva Neurath, Thames & Hudson was the result of a desire to create a "museum without walls". Walter Neurath had started his career in Vienna but moved to London in 1938, where he went on to pioneer the concept of co-edition publishing. This is when book ideas are conceived, commissioned, produced and sold to publishers operating in different markets and in different languages in order to create large print-runs and thereby lower unit production costs.

With the help of his wife and business partner, Eva Neurath, in 1949, Walter established his own publishing house and established branches in both London and New York. One of Thames & Hudson's first titles was English Cathedrals, which was published in 1950 and remained in print until 1971. In the same year, Albert Einstein’s Out of My Later Years was also published.

After several decades, it is still an independent and family-owned company - yet is also one of the world's leading publishers of illustrated books with over 2,000 titles in print. Thames & Hudson focuses on creativity in general, but this includes many subjects, such as  the arts, architecture, design, photography, fashion, film and music, and also archaeology, history and popular culture.

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