Erica Tanov’s love of colour, pattern and texture, reflect the designer’s free-spirited brand of California boho chic. Her signature alpaca shawls and throws are perfect cozy layering pieces this autumn. By working with artisans in Bolivia, Erica has fashioned pure alpaca wool into handwoven shawls and throws, in diamond and herringbone patterns. ERI-WOO-6088x4550px6 Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Erica Tanov began her eponymous collection, starting with undergarments 25 years ago. A full line of clothing and home accessories ensued shortly after. Always drawn to natural beauty, embracing her deep connection to nature, Erica's collections reflect her sense of understated luxury combined with comfort and ease. ERI-WOO-6000x6000px7 Her earliest pieces—seamed slips and chemises—reflected Erica's dedication to the finest fabrics, meticulous construction, and subtle details. For her, quality is more a reflex than a decision. It's second nature, she explains: "I've always been drawn to things that have an enduring beauty, that are well-designed and well-made." ERI-WOO-2293x2293px1 In recent years, Erica has expanded her home accessories collection, which began initially with her alpaca throws and shawls. By adding accessories to complete the designer’s lifestyle approach, it enabled her to translate her prints into beautiful and whimsical accessories. unnamed This year, Erica debuted a wallpaper collection, which allowed the designer to explore a dynamic new medium, giving rise to a rich color palette of deep chocolate, charcoal, and metallic inks. Known for her fondness of mixing color, texture and pattern, the leap to wallpaper is a natural evolution to the Erica Tanov lifestyle brand. This is especially so, since expanding her housewares collection in recent years, and thinking about the role of these elements in creating beautiful spaces. The Erica Tanov collections are available at Erica Tanov stores in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a handful specialty stores in New York and worldwide. For your chance to win an Erica Tanov alpaca scarf – Soft woven scarf in a diamond pattern in forest/natural. Handwoven in Bolivia. 12” X 84”, RRP $275 – make sure to enter our 12 days of Christmas competition. ENTER FOR OUR COMPETITIONS HERE Winners will be announced on 6 January. scarf-diamond-weave-charcoal-lauren-detail-web_2048x2048          

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  • Carole spedding on

    Just beautiful and so individual looking…..I would love to have one of these lovely scarfs…….warm, beautiful, stylish and practical to boot. So proud!

  • Gail Robicheau Harrington on

    Such beautiful pieces!!!

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