12 Days of Christmas Competition – No.8 Harrington & Squires


Harrington & Squires is predominantly a design and letterpress business founded in 2002 by Chrissie Charlton and Vicky Fullick, both of whom are from a graphic design background. Their company name was inspired by – and is a homage to – Bob Harrington and Horace Squires, compositors and letterpress tutors at Hornsey College of Art in the late 1960s. Book kit Based in Tufnell Park, they occupy a tiny workshop – 1.2m wide on 3 floors – which also has a small shop, open to customers, weekdays from Mondays to Fridays and weekends in December. This is home to many cases of metal and wood type as well as a number of letterpress printing machines of varying sizes: several Adanas, a Cropper and two flatbed proofing presses. Shelf of products They undertake bespoke commissioned work such as wedding or party invitations, one-off prints, correspondence cards, business cards etc, run one day workshops for those interested in the craft of hand setting type and letterpress printing, and also design and letterpress print greetings cards and make quirky products. One of these is the H&S Perforated Calendar. H&S wood type The chance purchase of a vintage office date stamping machine from a local junk shop gave birth to the concept of this calendar. That was in 2005 and the first edition ran to 15 hand stamped, hand perforated, boxed calendars. This was both time consuming and painful but the calendars were received enthusiastically and sold out. Since then, the calendars have been printed litho and up to 250 are produced every year, each with a different coloured flag and label. The days are torn off as the month passes and a wooden clothes peg, rubber stamped with ‘Today is’, is included to mark the day. For Selvedge's 12 Days of Christmas Competition, Harrington & Squires are offering 12 winners the chance to win one of their 2016 Perforated Calendars. The calendar consists of 12 leaves tied at the top with string and measures 60 x 640mm. To enter click here. Wrapping paper

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