12 Days Of Christmas Competition: No. 11 Quinton Chadwick

On the eleventh day of Christmas, we are giving away Quinton Chadwick knit accessories, worth £300, to one lucky reader. To enter the competition, please click below.

Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick are the two designers behind the Hackney-based knitwear brand Quinton Chadwick. For 20 years, they have been based in East London – a part of the city known for innovation, creativity and experimentation – building up a brand that blends traditional knitting skills with new contemporary aesthetics.

The Quinton Chadwick ethos rejects ‘fast fashion’ and favours sustainability; they work only with British mills and spinners and use natural fibres in their designs. They say that these methods ensure that Quinton Chadwick products are of consistently high quality, and have a lower ecological impact than knitted products that are produced overseas using synthetic materials.

20 years ago, when Quinton Chadwick was first set up, British textile mills were facing a crisis, as competitive overseas factories out-priced them. The UK knitting industry was in decline, so Jess and Jane decided to support family-run mills in the country and promote traditional knitting skills that were in danger of dying out. It wasn’t easy, however – the shutting down of several textile factories mid-run complicated early production of Quinton Chadwick designs.

Now, however, Quinton Chadwick supports a cooperative of hand-framers in Devon, and several mills in Nottingham and Scotland. Their popular designs feature traditional elements such as garter stitch and fairisle patterns, alongside more contemporary techniques that create interesting textures. For example, their new nature-inspired collection features zig-zag stripes, ombre grid checks, earth tones and their bestselling ‘cloud’ scarves – so-called because they are specially designed to feel fluffy and extremely light.

Quinton Chadwick are kindly giving away a selection of beautiful knitted items from their new collection to one lucky reader! These include a beret, fingerless tuck gloves and grid scarf, each knitted in Scotland, a teal / bronze ladder scarf, knitted in Nottingham.


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