12 Days Of Christmas Competition: No. 11 Epice

Soft, luminous Epice scarves are the epitome of elegance. Launched in 1999 by Danish designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer, Epice captures the quintessence of textile arts: refined weavings, bold and poetic designs, vibrant colours and exquisite craftsmanship. Designed in Copenhagen, woven, dyed and printed by hand in India, the stylish stoles are works of art.

Unlike fast fashion and mass-produced garments, the Epice founders promote ‘slow’ handcrafted textiles and have a commitment to fair trade. They select fine materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen that best emphasize their designs and meet their business ethics. The two designers first met in 1975 in Copenhagen. Jan Machenhauer was still a student at the Design School and Bess Nielsen was working as a stylist for the Swedish fashion brand Made In. ‘As a former graduate, I had been invited by the school to be part of the jury of the year-end final exams. Jan’s piece was a pleated skirt and I immediately noticed the beautiful design and perfect execution. It certainly stood out from the rest.’ Shortly after they met, Jan went to work with Bess. The creative duo worked for different clothing brands in the ensuing years before launching their own company.


Read the rest of this article in the Meteorological issuePhotography by Marie Tailifer. 

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