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The name Injiri means ‘real India’ and originates from a name given to prized fabrics exported to Africa in the 18th century. The driving force of the brand is the talented designer Chinar Farooqui, whose passion lies in studying traditional textile, dress and the stories behind them. As a young girl she travelled to craft villages with her mother, who filled their home with handmade cloth, such as local indigo dyed fabrics. Studying fine arts and textile design led the way to Farooqui’s own label, which Selvedge first featured on the pages of our Blue & White issue.   Today, drawing inspiration from...

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A Modern Kimono

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Guest blog post by Frances Tobin of The Maker's Atelier. The Maker’s Atelier has joined forces with Cloth House to create a Modern kimono. Traditional Kimono are simple, straight-seamed garments made from a single bolt of cloth. It is the pattern on the surface, rather than the cut of the garment, that is significant. From this starting point, The Maker’s Atelier has evolved their latest dressmaking pattern, to work specifically with Cloth House’s Japanese Kimono crepe fabric. This luxury polyester crepe-weave has the same stability along the grain as across it. This means that the garment pieces can be laid with the...

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There have been a few exhibitions exploring the power of shoes recently; Pleasure and Pain at the V & A and Life on Foot at the Design Museum, both of which relate generally back to how we wear shoes from day to day. FOOTPRINT at the fashion museum Antwerp is based on the notion that 'anything can be a shoe' and takes a more avant-garde and high fashion approach to footwear than the other two shows. Geert Bruloot and Eddy Michiels, shoe collectors and curators of this exhibition, have spent 30 years collecting shoes that inspire them. The shoes in this exhibition are...

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Glasgow Museums’ extensive collection of 19th century European Costume is currently on display at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. Delicate embroidered cottons, elaborate woven silks, beautiful wedding dresses and evening gowns are each exhibited to their full aesthetic potential. As the show is arranged thematically by colour, viewers have the opportunity to really relish the walk through the exhibition, which is supported by a striking selection of accessorises including delicate jewellery, embellished shoes, original draping Kashmir shawls, purses and parasols. Pieces by leading Glaswegian dressmakers sit alongside exquisite beaded couture dresses designed by their international contemporaries. And the accompanying interpretation explores the context of these designs...

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Liberty in Fashion

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Founded in 1875, the influence of Liberty's original prints on British fashion seems overarching, the multi-coloured florals and swirling patterns instantly recognisable to the consumer. The prints, which have been in production for 140 years this year, are celebrated at London's Fashion and Textile Museum in October's exhibition Liberty in Fashion. The fabrics in 2015 seem as relevant to British design culture today as they have throughout their history of production, appealing to the housewife who could buy the fabric as a wallpaper in her kitchen, or the Sixties teen girl who could cut it into a hand-sewn mini dress. Its best attribute,...

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