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An extension of the print magazine’s tone of respect, intelligence and joy in the world of textiles, our blog is a daily contribution to the Selvedge conversation. Featuring exhibitions, people, adventures and opinion, the Selvedge blog is not only a meeting point for the Selvedge community but also an entry point into the world of textiles for those looking for an original and broadening perspective.


Exhibitions shows and workshops

Guest Blog post from Lancaster & Cornish Irene Griffin has been absorbed in the world of colour since childhood and delights in sharing the ancient art of natural dyeing with textiles students and practitioners. Based in Cornwall at Falmouth University, her ongoing practice of the subject is developing into research of sustainable industrial colour production as well as the anthropological significance of plant dyes. Irene often works with two celebrated dye plants Madder, (rubia tinctorum) and Weld, (reseda luteola), both of which being historically important for creating good lightfast shades of orange/red and yellow. The powerful pigment Alazarin contained in...

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Glasgow Museums’ extensive collection of 19th century European Costume is currently on display at Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. Delicate embroidered cottons, elaborate woven silks, beautiful wedding dresses and evening gowns are each exhibited to their full aesthetic potential. As the show is arranged thematically by colour, viewers have the opportunity to really relish the walk through the exhibition, which is supported by a striking selection of accessorises including delicate jewellery, embellished shoes, original draping Kashmir shawls, purses and parasols. Pieces by leading Glaswegian dressmakers sit alongside exquisite beaded couture dresses designed by their international contemporaries. And the accompanying interpretation explores the context of these designs...

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Handmade in Britain

Exhibitions Selvedge shows and workshops

I launched Selvedge with the vision of producing a magazine whose pages would inspire designers, makers and enthusiasts to make connections, conduct research and enrich there own experience. A platform through which a curated range of design and creative thought can be seen is, I believe, invaluable. I look forward to taking part in Handmade at Chelsea, below are just a few of the talented designers that I’m particularly excited to see at the show in November... Hugh Dunford Wood It’s rare that you find a designer using such simple techniques to such a high standard. Hugh Dunford Wood’s handmade...

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Hans Unger

Exhibitions Selvedge shows and workshops

Hans Unger produced designs whose colour and wit helped to form the 'scene' in London during the 1950s and 60s. Born in Prenzlau in East Germany in 1915, Unger was forced to leave Germany as a refugee from the Nazis to South Africa in 1936 – through a journey all too typical for the time he eventually settled in North London and became a long-time resident of Muswell Hill (just a stone's throw away from the Selvedge Office). It is only fitting that this centenary exhibition is on show at the Highgate Society. Having made graphics for the Post Office, The Observer, BEA, the...

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Made in China

Exhibitions Historical textiles shows and workshops

This post is in part an extract from the Romance issue of Selvedge magazine. The Fan Museum is a reminder, for both visitors and staff, of a former, gentler age when courtesy and care were extended widely. Perhaps the genteel nature of the collection makes it so or maybe it is due to the founders, Hélène and A.V. (‘Dicky’) Alexander? These two individuals – a husband and wife whose passion created this small independent museum – both came from families with a long tradition of hospitality, and this ethos is reflected in the museum’s special atmosphere. The museum is housed...

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