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For centuries, one little village in Sweden was known as the world’s largest producer of linen. Not far from the town of Bollnäs, Växbo Mill was built in 1869, although it is likely that others preceded it. Here it continued to be used by locals until the 1950s when it was abandoned, until one man by the name of Rolf Åkerlund decided to bring the past back to life in 1985 by restoring the entire property. Little did he know, despite the demand for Swedish linen about to wane due to an increasing number of cheaper, offshore producers, he lay the foundation for Växbo Lin to become one of the world's most expert producers of pure linen goods.

‘It is with pride that we work to preserve and develop Swedish cultural heritage,’ say the current owners of Växbo Lin, Hannah and Jacob. Having worked as a tour guide at Växbo Lin in the early nineties, Hannah approached Rolf on an impulse one day, asking him to sell the property. ‘I showed visitors around and described the entire linen-making process, becoming so fascinated that such a little factory tucked into the woods could produce such fine products,’ she explains. ‘It’s the best impulse purchase we’ve ever made.’

Växbo Lin now produce a wide range of expertly made homeware, clothing and accessories in 100% pure linen. During summer months members of the public can still visit and tour the factory in their idyllic location, surrounded by the Swedish woods and lakes. With a focus on maintaining textile heritage and bringing its importance to the forefront the textile industry today, Växbo Lin is truly one of a kind.

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