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TSFP SELVEDGE GIFT The Shop Floor Project is offering readers the chance to win three pieces from their most popular collections: the wool and silk Botanical Inlay shawl, 140x140cm, worth £125, a hand-beaten brass Wall Sconce by Malin Appelgren, worth £265 and a print from the 17th Century Paint Chart series, 30x21cm, worth £65. The Shop Floor Project is excited to have been granted permission to create a limited edition print collection from the pages of this remarkable book.


Annemarie O’Sullivan makes baskets and woven objects, which are a response to the materials she hand gathers from the land. She grows twenty different types of willow and often combines these with coppiced wood. Annemarie is passionate about seeing the making process through from source to finished piece – ensuring her feet stay on the earth. Her work draws on the sturdiness of agricultural baskets, the curves of the landscape and a deep respect for ancient crafts. She is inspired by the simple connections that she has with basket-makers from the past. This kindling basket, worth £310, is woven from Somerset willow and has an integral coppiced hazel handle. Measuring 50cm in height and just over 30cm in diameter, this is a great basket to use to gather and store kindling.


Tengri champions sustainable manufacturing, using noble fibres. These are hand-combed from an indigenous breed of yak, in the Khangai region of Mongolia, which has less impact on biodiversity than non-indigenous and domesticated animal species introduced and bred for their fibres. Tengri works directly with 4,500 nomadic herder families, ensuring a fair share income whilst establishing herders’ land rights and offering consumers a 100% transparent supply chain. More than just a luxury label, Tengri is a brand built by people unwilling to settle for the status quo. The Tengri duo-purpose throw worth £225 functions as an everyday coverup and travel accessory that will last a lifetime. Woven with precious noble yarns from the Mongolian Khangai yak in a heritage British mill, and hand finished in London, this 100% natural, undyed scarf is as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, hypoallergenic and water-resistant.

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    Beautiful products. Thank you for the chance to experience these products.

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