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A User Manual for Creativity by Hiut Denim Co

£20.00 GBP

YearBook 4, A User Manual for Creativity from Hiut Denim Co.

This YearBook seeks to answer that often asked question: How do I do my best work? It looks at the three strengths that we need to master to allow us to do that.  It takes a look morning routines of some the most creative people we know. Plus there are illustrations from our favourite artists. And our annual Makers and Mavericks list of remarkables. It has 6 different paper stocks. It has been section sewn so it'll lay flat when you read it. One section has been printed on a letterpress. Only 2,000 have been printed, of which only 1000 are now left for general sale. As with YearBook 1,2,3 which you can no longer buy, it will become collectable.

£20. (plus postage.)

Chapters include:

- Workshop Wisdom
- Denim Guides
- A User Manual for Creativity 
- Makers and Mavericks
- Morning Routines

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