William Morris: Decor & Design by Elizabeth Wilhide

William Morris: Decor & Design by Elizabeth Wilhide

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Rich natural colours, liquid floral patterns, light airy rooms and simple wooden furniture are all radical principles of the Arts and Crafts movement, and are also the fundamentals of most modern decor. There has never been a better time for introducing Morris designs into the home whatever the size or shape. Illustrated with a wide range of historical and contemporary decorative schemes, this practical and inspirational guide suggests simple and costeffective ways of creating an interior decor that aspires to purity, colour and craftsmanship, as defined by William Morris. Willow Bough, The Strawberry Thief and Compton are just some of the many authentic Morris designs that are available today in sympathetic colour renderings. Elizabeth Wilhide shows how these sumptuous wallpapers and fabrics can be combined with bare floorboards, oriental carpets or simple paintwork in every modern living space be it small flat , country cottage, or large townhouse. Chapters provide information on pattern-matching, wall and window treatments, floor coverings, tiles and furnishings, so that a 'Morris style' can be extended to whatever degree of authenticity desired. A comprehensive suppliers' list details where to buy Morris and Co. fabrics and wallpapers, and Arts and Crafts furnishings, while an illustrated glossary containing sixty of the best-known designs allows for easy pattern selection and identification.
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1909815537

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