How to make a felt donkey

When Cynthia Treen popped into our office while we were making the Southern issue and was inspired to make a kit of the cute donkey on the cover we were thrilled. And all of our readers can now make a mini Mexican donkey of their own!

Materials & tools you will need

  • Felt: Gray (body), beige (baskets) and brown (inner ears and harness )
  • Embroidery thread: Thread to match the body and a tonal color for the mane and tail, black (eye) and one skein each in an assortment of five bright colors (pompoms). Use pearl cotton #8 embroidery thread in tan for the reins. Thread for basting (any color) Stuffing: Wool stuffing (if available) Pipe cleaner: Three 6-inch lengths
  • Tools: Embroidery needle, small sharp scissors, and a bamboo skewer or wooden coffee stirrer.
  • Optional: Pins

Thanks so much to Cynthia Treen for this project. If you'd like to make more felt creatures please visit her website



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