18 May 2019, Fairy-tale Embroidery with Megan Ivy Griffiths, London, UK

£175.00 GBP

Saturday 18 May 2019, 11-5, £175 includes a light lunch.

Hosted by Megan Ivy Griffiths

Megan Griffiths is a pattern designer, illustrator and embroiderer who studied her Bachelor’s degree at Falmouth University and is now based in the green, glorious Hampshire countryside. She harbours an ardent passion for the beautiful and unusual, and is inspired by whimsical fairy-tales and calm ambles through forests and fields. Her work is a concoction of tenderness, gentility and intricacy. Her stitches tell stories; as a trained illustrator she has been taught to draw, as well as using a pen or pencil, she uses needle and thread to create captivating characters. 

In the workshop students will learn how to make a spring flower maiden doll. They will be taught a variety of stitches to embroider a flower crown and add details to their doll using cottons, metallic threads and embroidery silks. Students will have a choice of patterns to follow which will be drawn onto calico, or will be able to create their own design if they wish. After the hand embroidery is finished they will be shown how transform it into a three dimensional doll. Anyone who does not get round to finishing will be shown the method and given an illustrated guide to take home.

The workshop is suitable for beginners but very basic sewing skills would be useful. A variety of embroidery silks and cottons will be provided but students are welcome to bring their own. Needles, calico, stuffing and embroidery hoops will also be provided. Students will need to bring a small pair of sharp scissors. 

There are 12 spaces available for this workshop

The Artworkers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT 

Workshop Cancellation Policy

All places reserved on workshops are non refundable, however, if you let us know you are not able to make a workshop you have booked, we will re-advertise your place and refund your fee as long as we are able to sell your place and the workshop is fully booked.

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