Host a Selvedge Event

Would you like to partner with Selvedge and promote textiles and crafts in your area?  We are looking for organised, efficient individuals with a flair for events and a passion for textiles to host Selvedge events in new locations.

Over the last decade Selvedge magazine has reached thousands of people around the world. Beyond the pages of the magazine we are at the centre of an international community who share a passion for cloth and a belief of the importance of their material surroundings. From cinema nights to residential courses in the south of France, we enjoy an ongoing programme of fairs, events and gatherings where like-minded people can share their love of textiles.

But, as a small team, it’s impossible for us to travel to all the locations on our wish list. We are hoping that enthusiastic supporters will partner with us to bring the Selvedge experience to a wider audience. We want to visit Cornwall, Edinburgh, Cardiff and beyond. We want the events like the Selvedge Fair to spring up everywhere from New York to Melbourne but we need your help.

Our idea is to work with selected partners who understand the Selvedge ethos and can use their local knowledge to create Selvedge events in their area.  The quality must be impeccable but the size, scale and form is up to you – stately home or stable block. Perhaps you’d like to host workshops or organise a lecture or tour. We’re open to good ideas so drop us a line…

We are open to events of all descriptions, in all locations. These collaborations are designed to bring Selvedge events to readers in parts of the world our team can’t reach.

But events are just one strand of the Selvedge business and we are unable to devote time to polishing thoughts or defining vague proposals. We are looking for fully realised ideas with a clear vision. When submitting your event proposal please ensure you answer the following questions.

What will the event be? Do you plan to create a fair, a workshop, a guided walk or lecture – please provide a full description.

Where will your event take place? Please include details of your proposed venue, a link with images would be ideal. If the venue is not your own, please enquire about the type of events they allow and the visitor capacity before contacting Selvedge.

When will it take place? Please provide your suggested dates and let us know if these have been chosen to coincide with any particular National holidays or local festivals. Please bear in mind that some venues take bookings months, even years in advance. With regrd to the magazine deadlines, we suggest it take at least six months to promote a workshop and twelve months for a fair.

Who will come? Please outline your expected audience and explain why they will enjoy the event you plan to hold. Please give some idea of the visitor numbers you expect and explain how you have calculated this figure.

Why would you like to work with Selvedge? Finally, please tell us about you. How long have you been part of the Selvedge community and what aspects of the magazine are special to you? We hope to work with like minded people who understand and share the Selvedge ethos so do let us know why you love textiles and the role they play in your life. 

The Economics
We love getting out of the office and meeting our readers but as a small business we can’t afford to take our eyes off the balance sheet for long. We want to offer readers events they will enjoy but also earn money that will ensure we can continue to publish Selvedge magazine and support textiles. We hope working together will be enjoyable and profitable for both parties. This is how we envision dividing responsibilities and income.

Selvedge will receive 25% of takings and our partners will retain 75%**

A framework for Events will be provided by Selvedge including
•    Branding
•    Online Exhibitor applications where applicable
•    Online ticket sales
•    A dedicated page on the Selvedge website/ promotion in the magazine
•    A listing in the Selvedge Calendar and advertisment in the magazine
•    Templates of printed materials
•    Promotional artwork for websites

Our partners will


•    Provide the venue*
•    Source exhibitors/ tutors or lecturers* 

•    Liase with exhibitors with regards the venue and the event
•    Promote the fair / lecture or workshop

•    Local knowledge 

Once you have gathered together all of the information outlined above please send us a message below.  Magazine deadlines permitting, she will be in touch in due course to discuss your idea.

*Subject to approval
**Terms and conditions, including a cancellation fee will apply



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