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Selvedge’s internship program has been running for thirteen years, during that time we have worked with almost 100 interns from all walks of life. Each intern has brought different skills and expectations to the position and has contributed immeasurably to the development of Selvedge. Everyone who works in the current team began their Selvedge career as an intern, their internships gave them the opportunity to show their worth in a working environment.

In an intern we are looking for:

  • Initiative – the ability to anticipate what might need doing next
  • Perseverance – the willingness to complete difficult tasks
  • Grit - a positive attitude where failures can be overcome

Interns range in experience and competence, from school pupils to individuals going through a mid-life career change, they all have a valuable contribution to make. 

Internship length – 8 weeks, daily hours: 9.30-5.30, Monday-Friday

It is important that as a representative of the Selvedge brand, you understand our values and communicate them with customers wherever you make contact.  Our brand values are attached. Please do read them carefully. When you arrive for your interview we will go through them and answer any questions you have.

Selvedge is a dynamic working environment, which requires a flexible and diligent approach. Interns will start with basic tasks to ensure that our brand values and office functions are understood. If you commit to the experience you will adapt to the fast pace of the working environment. You will take on responsibility, observe a rational, objective decision making process for evaluating the quality of designs, products, images and text, as well as developing interpersonal skills necessary for success in the world of work.

Selvedge is a small team and ultimately you will be reporting to the Founder, Polly Leonard but you may be working alongside other members of the team whilst carrying out the following duties:

  • Office work, including packing, franking and dealing with magazines, organising databases, answering the telephone
  • Day to day care of the Selvedge shop: opening and closing shutters, keeping surfaces tidy and clean, making tea and coffees for Selvedge team and any visitors
  • Customer Service assistance, including helping subscribers over telephone, by email and by post if necessary
  • Editorial assistance, including photo research, blog writing, proof reading and making corrections to the magazine

Skills and competencies required

  • Computer literate on Apple Mac
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word

Desirables but none essential

  • Use of CRM software
  • Use of Quark Express

Selvedge will cover travel expenses within London (zones 1-3), please keep receipts for these, as they will be needed by Selvedge at the end of each month.

Selvedge Brand Values

At the heart of the Selvedge story is a cerebral and sensual addiction to cloth and with that an appreciation of the beautifully made and carefully considered.  Having been drawn to textiles since childhood, Polly Leonard studied embroidery and weaving and taught textiles for ten years.  Frustrated at the lack of infrastructure to support talented artisans and the wider community of enthusiasts, Polly took a leap of faith in April 2004 and created the magazine she wanted to read – Selvedge. Today Selvedge is still exploring and understanding the history, future, politics and aesthetics of textiles with its own distinct voice.

Since its launch Selvedge has become much more than a magazine. As well as a valuable source of inspiration for designers and devotees alike, the Selvedge brand has flourished not only into a spring board for makers and artisans but a strong community of textile lovers, with workshops, fairs and its own store.

Ultimately we want to show people the wonderful textiles, people, places and stories we find, not tell them about them. And we want everyone who comes into contact with Selvedge – through walking into the shop, visiting a fair or reading an email – to feel as though they are a respected part of that ongoing conversation.

Whilst we may not appear formal in the day-to-day running of the office, the success of Selvedge is entirely built on a polite, mature and intelligent understanding of people and their relationship to textiles. To that end, emails, conversations and attitudes are all built on a respect for the customer and anyone in contact, or working with Selvedge.

We take the view that the customer is always right and similarly our inter-office relationships are built on mutual respect. Perhaps the most important thing to remember throughout your internship is that we’d rather you asked how to do something instead of carrying on in doubt. If we haven’t told you, you’ve forgotten or you’re stuck for something to do, do not be afraid to speak up, we’ve all been in your shoes! On that note, we’re a small team and everyone has a lot on their plates – do not take it personally if we don’t seem available for a chat.

Whether you get the opportunity to work with everyone in the office or not, we are all aware and hugely appreciative of you. Interns play a vital role in the Selvedge chain and when you’re not there it affects everyone. We want you to take pride and pleasure in the work you do for us, that way we can truly get to know you and your strengths.


If you think this describes you, please email Emma with your CV and an introduction at or call her at the office on +44 (0)208 341 9721

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