Blog Manager - Selvedge Magazine

Blog Manager

This is a part-time remote freelance position starting from September 2019.

Selvedge is a magazine that promotes textiles and textile makers from around the world. Now in its 16th year, we publish six issues a year as well as running workshops, fairs, tours and talks.  

Our website content is hugely important; fostering a sense of community with our readers, and reflecting the interests and tone of the print magazine. The Blog Manager writes a daily 300-word blog post. These are reactive in that rather than researching topics you will respond to press releases that find their way to us.

Each of the editors we have had work on the blog has put their own spin on the content and we are open to this. The seven blog posts that you write each week form our newsletter. In addition, we have external and internal advertisements. You will need to work hard to make sure the blog posts work as a collection in terms of images or theme. In addition to being responsible for the blog posts and newsletter, the post includes managing our reader competitions. These are taken from the magazine, put onto the website and covered in a blog post, and the winners are contacted at the end of each issue run.

The Selvedge team works remotely. This position is for the equivalent of a day a week, and while the hours can be spread across a number of days, we would like the blog manager to be able to attend our weekly online team meeting at 9am on Thursdays.

As part of the initial selection process, you will be asked to write a post on a topic of your choice. In order to give a sense of the workload and working speed, shortlisted candidates will be invited to write a full weeks worth of posts. These posts will all be published on our website.

If you have any questions regarding the position please email

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