Issue 80 Craft PRE-ORDER

Issue 80 Craft PRE-ORDER

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January / February 2018

80 The Craft issue 

Industry and endeavour

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts

Knitting Unpicked Betsan Corkhill explores wellbeing and craft

High Fibre Sarah Jane Downing picks apart the world’s rarest fibres

Textiles and Tenderness Woolworking with artist Ásthildur Magnúsdóttir

Turf War Marie Valgardsson digs up the history behind Icelandic turf houses

Skilling Up Why are we so preoccupied with learning new crafts?

The Lay of the Land Delving deep into the concept behind Voices of Industry

Getting To Know You The figures in the fabric

A Breath of Fresh Air At home in Berlin with Christine Mayer

Comfort in Cloth Birgitta Nordstrom’s delicate baby blankets

Stranded Carl Bengtsson captures clothes on the edge

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