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Alpaca & Wool Blanket by Peruvian Connection

A complimentary blanket from Peruvian Connection for the first 100 three-year subscribers.

Annie Hurlbut is the founder of Peruvian Connection and a true kindred spirit. She shares the Selvedge passion for Peruvian textiles and for South American camelid fibre: alpaca, llama, guanaco and vicuña. Each with its own unique characteristics, which enhance the rich tradition of Peruvian textiles. Annie discovered extraordinary hand woven mantas and ponchos in the markets of Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Incas. Since a student at Yale University researching anthropology she has been a proponent of these remarkable textiles and will be working with Selvedge to bring a representative of the tradition to The Selvedge World Fair, 2020. For the launch of this event Peruvian Connection have offered the first one hundred three year subscribers to Selvedge either a Chilca striped or Tattersall plaid blanket woven in Peru from Alpaca and wool. Each banket is 177x 147cm and worth £85.

Claim your gift by placing this item along with the 3 year subscription in your cart and proceeding to checkout. While stocks last.

***Please note gifts are only for 3 year subscribers. 1 gift per subscriber.***


Tablecloth by Gudrun Sjödén

We spotted this beautiful linen tablecloth in the Gudrun Sjödén catalogue. Gudrun Sjödén of one of our favourite designers, so we were delighted when she offered us some to give away to the first 100 three-year subscribers who subscribe or renew between 15th April and 15th June 2019. Gudrun Sjödén’s work embodies Swedish design with a green soul. She produces a stunningly creative range of fashions and home textiles in beautiful natural fibres. This perfect tablecloth will set the scene for a dinner party or afternoon tea with its attractive Aralia print in subtle summer colour way. The cloth measures 145 x 220cm, is made from100% linen, and is worth £79.

***Please note gifts are only for 3 year subscribers. 1 gift per subscriber.***

Casa Pedregal Canvas Tote

Casa Pedregal, designed by one of Mexico’s greatest architects, Luis Barragán, is located in Jardines del Pedregal in the south of Mexico City. Commissioned in 1951, it is his biggest house and the one that perhaps best consolidates the ‘Barragán Style’. Carefully restored by Cesar Cervantes, the house has been returned it to its original state and includes the original furniture and objects. Next to Casa Pedregal, in what were the horse stables for the house, is the Tetetlán cultural centre. Tetelán has a world class restaurant, café, library, and yoga studio, as well as a boutique introducing the best of rural Mexican craftsmanship to the city and the world. Tetetlán aims to be a platform for creative industries, and a space where the public can meet artists and artisans. We have one hundred Tetetlán commemorative canvas totes to give away.

***Please note gifts are only for 3 year subscribers. 1 gift per subscriber.***

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