Sell your work through Selvedge

Join our talented makers and sell your work through Selvedge's Artisan Emporium. 

Selvedge is the centre of an international community who share a passion for cloth, and we are dedicated to promoting and nurturing fine craftsmanship in the world of textiles. In every issue we feature makers whose objects fulfil our criteria of well-fashioned design, beautiful raw materials and integrity in the process of making. 

With these talented artists in mind, we have launched our very own Artisan Emporium. We bring together the best in contemporary textiles, featuring the collections of designers and makers, and offering them an established platform to build their audience by connecting them with like-minded individuals. With an exclusive selection Selvedge will offer a curated shopping experience for the discerning customer. 

How it works

We charge a registration fee of £250 + VAT to join. Your membership is valid for 1 year, and this includes:

  • A personalised webpage with a short biography 
  • 45 different products available to sell 
  • A feature on the Selvedge newsletter, sent to 55k contacts
  • A size 9 advertisement in a Selvedge issue of your choice (72 mm x 70 mm)
  • 10% discount on advertising in Selvedge
  • A blog post to introduce your back story as well as thoughtfully made products to our readers and followers
  • 10% discount for space at Selvedge Artisan events
We will take 25% commission on sales and all orders placed through the Selvedge website would be forwarded to the artisan for fullfllment in branded packaging.
If you think your work fits within the Selvedge philosophy we invite you to apply to join the Artisan Emporium. Please send a short biography and 4 images of your work to


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