The Selvedge Foundation aims:

  • To develop economic opportunities for the makers of handmade textiles from around the world, that will provide a sustainable means of achieving economic growth in their home countries while preserving cultural traditions. To promote informed and sustainable choices through an education programme that will increase knowledge and skills within the textile consumer. 

With these aims in mind, the Selvedge Foundation will:

  • Present an annual selling event The Selvedge World Fair, a celebration of craft, culture and creativity to promote the skills, diversity and passion of artisans from around the world who produce handmade textiles.         
  • Develop educational activities; lectures, tours, demonstrations, workshops and publications, to inspire consumers and to increase their understanding of the complex and hard-won skills used in the production of sustainable handmade textiles.

The Selvedge Foundation seeks to benefit artisans and audiences across three domains:

Economic Impact - Individual artisans who have the opportunity to meet international customers directly. The Foundation will give tangible assistance to international makers of ambition and potential and help them to achieve their hopes of running viable and sustainable businesses based on traditional skills.

Cultural Impact - Encouraging the preservation of cultural identity by generating income to enable artisans from around the world to sustain their craft and educating audiences about the value and importance of handmaking

Environmental Impact - Introducing audiences to forms of textile production that provide a sustainable alternative to the environmental and human costs associated with the global textile industry.



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