11 - 18 August 2018, Painting on Cloth with Sarah Campbell

Chateau Dumas, Course and board from £1680 

Hosted by Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell has spent a lifetime creating pattern; with her late sister Susan Collier, she co-founded Collier Campbell in 1979. Since then she has successfully developed Sarah Campbell Ltd; she regularly paints and makes designs for West Elm and Michael Miller fabrics in the US, and has a licensed ceramic collection, Viva, in the UK.

Pattern in textiles - painting on cloth. This will be a week to enjoy, explore, experience, understand and make pattern on textiles. Students will look at the nature of pattern and its uses. And with examples and instances you will discuss its development, placement, colour and the business of its applications.

Textiles have strong personal resonances – students are invited to bring any small pieces they'd like to show, share, refer to.

You will begin your own practice by working on rolls of paper with simple, free, rhythmic mark-making and then moving on to more purposeful, guided pattern painting; each student will make a personal visual diary of their journey of discoveries.

You will spend time investigating colour balancing and mixing. Students may paint from reference, observation, imagination, and the gardens and locality are bound to yield exciting inspiration. As the week progresses you can experiment with painting pattern directly onto cloth – calico or linen - using fabric inks and paints which can then be iron-fixed to remain wash and light-fast. Through the practical application and experience of various techniques, students will develop skills and confidence as they build up a body of their own painted fabric samples of chosen themes and patterns.

During the week you'll have an opportunity to spend a day dying cloth samples with local woad expert Denise Lambert; these may then be incorporated and further developed into your own pattern work.

By the end of the week students will have a better understanding of pattern and how it works, and a body of work which can be used for clothes, bags, cushions, flags, banners, hangings, or the basis for pieced, patched, or embroidered textiles. Work does not necessarily need to be finished to be useful! So bring an extra suitcase...

All abilities and ages are welcome.

"Students often tell me they've not touched a paintbrush for years, or they can't draw, but I've never found anyone who can't make something they love." Sarah Campbell

Chateau Dumas, Chateau d'Auty, Nr Toulouse, 82220 Auty

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