18-25 August 2018, Memory Quilts with Natasha Kerr

Chateau Dumas£1680 

Hosted by Natasha Kerr

Natasha Kerr's career began with designing textiles for the luxury market. Her work since has taken a more fine art direction and it's down to discovered family photo albums that her work took this turn. Kerr used these photo albums to create a large body of work which by 1998 was to become an installation which inhabited an entire Victorian townhouse in Battersea London. Since then she has designed a Millennium postage stamp for Royal Mail, signature pieces for hotels, cruise ships and personal commissions hang in private houses all over the country. 

In this mixed media workshop with textile artist Natasha Kerr you’ll create an artwork based on recollections and remembered stories using personal drawings and photographs for inspiration.  

Natasha uses a mix of text, creative writing, hand stitching, painting, screen printing and appliqué to create her complex, layered fine art panels and you’ll be encouraged to use many of these techniques when you create your piece. You’ll learn from Natasha about composition, placement and balance and how layering can create different effects and suggest moods.

You’ll arrive at the workshop with an idea of your story and the raw materials to work from - photos, documents and other ephemera, such as scraps of wallpaper or fabric - and you’ll discuss with Natasha how best to edit and whittle these materials down in order to capture the essence of the story you want to tell.

Working on French linen you'll begin by painting your background before carefully building up the layers.  You’ll end the week with a highly personalised piece of artwork approximately 60 x 90 cms/24 x 36 inches.

Chateau Dumas, Chateau d'Auty, Nr Toulouse, 82220 Auty

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