11-18 August 2018, Free-Draping: A New Purpose for Vintage Textiles with Christine Mayer

Chateau Dumas, Course and board from £1680 

Hosted by Christine Mayer

The art of Draping & Upcycling was developed by Christine Mayer from the classic Japanese drapery. It represents a further development of the three-dimensional pattern cutting – working directly on the dress form with original materials. Especially by dealing with recycled materials and old fabrics, this is an inspiring method to directly influence the given materials, structures and the individual fit. The designer becomes a sculptor who develops its creation directly on the bust - in harmony with the materials and body shape. The aim is to learn and experience a new way of dealing with fabrics. It’s about a conscious opening that moves away from the two-dimensional space, towards a unique three-dimensionality.

Conventional approaches are broken in order to create new creative ways in the design and fashion sectors. All participants will be guided and carefully introduced to the art of draping and will learn from Christine, how to drape and stitch in an artful way to create original items of clothing, that will fit like a second skin. This fresh and liberating way of making clothes brings with it a new set of rules which has far more in common with sculpting than dressmaking.

The designer Christine Mayer will support each participant in the individual process to grow personal potential and to express it. Each participant will work on their own creation and develop a personal treasure by Upcycling and Material Processing. Focus will be working with old french linen from the Brocante store or flee market.

The workshop content includes introduction to free draping, daily demonstrations from Christine, individual work with different marterials on a dress form and learning to adapt recycled textiles into new creations on a dress form.


Chateau Dumas, Chateau d'Auty, Nr Toulouse, 82220 Auty

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