3 Year Subscriber Gift: Casa Pedregal Canvas Tote

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Casa Pedregal, designed by one of Mexico’s greatest architects, Luis Barragán, is located in Jardines del Pedregal in the south of Mexico City. Commissioned in 1951, it is his biggest house and the one that perhaps best consolidates the ‘Barragán Style’. Carefully restored by Cesar Cervantes, the house has been returned it to its original state and includes the original furniture and objects. Next to Casa Pedregal, in what were the horse stables for the house, is the Tetetlán cultural centre. Tetelán has a world class restaurant, café, library, and yoga studio, as well as a boutique introducing the best of rural Mexican craftsmanship to the city and the world. Tetetlán aims to be a platform for creative industries, and a space where the public can meet artists and artisans. We have one hundred Tetetlán commemorative canvas totes to give away.

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