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Just as you’d imagine ‘beeswax’ to look and feel, these candles are comforting and warm even when unlit. Used by aristocrats in the 17th century, their butterscotch colour and honey scented aroma conjure up rich velvets and winter robes.

Made in Cumbria UK ­– by some of the few remaining traditional beeswax candle-makers – these candles are made from English and Scottish bees. For every two candles there is only one wick, woven together from cotton threads. Their characteristic depth comes from being dipped at intervals into the melted wax. This process also means that they won’t drip in a draft. 

Available in a variety of shapes: beehive (wide based candle), chime (perfect for smaller holders), dinner (perfect for the dining table) and taper (same beautifully scented candles in tapered form). Please select size from standard or large.

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