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Hathaway Shirts: Their History, Design and Advertising

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From its founding in 1837, Hathaway Shirt Company has been the bellwether for quality and style. Ironically for their 120 years or so they did little or no advertising to the general public, promoting their product mainly to the trade or through small newspaper ads or signage at the stores. Then on September 22, 1951, in the New Yorker magazine, an advertisement ran that changed all that. The eloquent Baron George Wrangell appeared handsomely dressed in a Hathaway shirt wearing an eye patch, with the slogan "The man in the Hathaway shirt." Rarely has a symbol become so identified with a product.


This book traces the history of the Hathaway Shirt, drawing upon company archives and concentrating on the styles portrayed in nearly 50 years of advertising. ISBN 978-0764306286.

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