Material: Textile, Creativity, History and Process

Material: Textile, Creativity, History and Process

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9 March - 28 April 2019 - Material: Textile, Creativity, History and Process, Messums Wiltshire, UK             

Not many gallery spaces can rival the scale or drama of the V&A’s Tapestries Gallery, but Messum Wiltshire’s Tithe Barn rises to the challenge admirably. Henrik Vibskov’s eye-popping installation, The Onion Farm, first exhibited at last year’s London Design Festival, has been given a new lease of life in this vast 13th-century barn. It is the star attraction in the gallery’s new exhibition. The Danish fashion designer and artist’s 26-metre long artwork is composed of a forest of brilliant sea-green and white industrial brushes arranged to form a tunnel-like structure from which hang swags of textile ‘onions’. It’s both a comment on modern agriculture, a giant polytunnel nurturing food for a rapidly growing population, as well as a demonstration of how artists re-purpose mundane materials to create unexpected artworks, full of visual excitement and intrigue. 


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