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Internship, Selvedge, London, UK

Selvedge’s internship program has been running for thirteen years, during that time we have worked with almost 100 interns from all walks of life. Each intern has brought different skills and expectations to the position and has contributed immeasurably to the development of Selvedge. Everyone who works in the current team began their Selvedge career as an intern, their internships gave them the opportunity to show their worth in a working environment.

In an intern we are looking for:

  • Initiative – the ability to anticipate what might need doing next
  • Perseverance – the willingness to complete difficult tasks
  • Grit - a positive attitude where failures can be overcome

Interns range in experience and competence, from school pupils to individuals going through a mid-life career change, they all have a valuable contribution to make. 

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