Win a £250 gift voucher from Terry Macey

Win a £250 gift voucher from Terry Macey

Terry Macey’s family run business of 30 years, is based in the heart of Somerset. Their designs are born from a passion for textiles and a true understanding of how women want to wear them. The clothes are made in their charming studio, a converted Chapel in Glastonbury, where clients are welcomed to have personal fittings and bespoke outfits. After years of research into fabric quality, they now use only carefully sourced natural fabrics; predominantly Irish linen, English wools, Donegal and Scottish tweeds and they have recently designed a successful range of their own exclusive linen colour palettes. You will find them exhibiting at select designer maker shows and galleries in the UK. We are offering the chance to win a £250 voucher to purchase a garment or to be put towards an outfit of your choice. •••

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