11th Christmas Give Away


The Chance to win a hand crafted Kiondo Basket

It's the penultimate day and we have two kiondo (kee-yon/-doh) baskets from The Basket Room's Nifty Knit collection!  Each basket is unique in colour & design, creating striking & unusual geometric, aztec patterns and are hand made in Kenya using materials; sisal and recycled wool. The baskets are approximately 33cm by 31cm diameter they are ideal for storing your knitting, winter woolies or kindling for the fire. Holly and Camilla the founders of the company source and sell these wonderful baskets ensuring that the talented weavers who make them are connected with a wider market, and are provided with a sustainable income and the recognition they deserve. For a chance to win, answer this question; From which country does the plant, Sisal originate? Screenshot 2014-12-01 18.01.45 Find the answer in issue 52, The Botanical Issue. sv52  

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