Contribute to the Blog

We welcome pitches from guest bloggers. Please contact our Features Editor Niamh at for further information.


Choose a title. Make it obviously related to the post and as short as possible (3 snappy words is perfect).Try to use as many context words. For a blog post about Jacqueline Groag for example, we used the title ‘Pattern Play’.


Your text should be no longer than 350 words and written in the third person. Can you capture the essence of a textile-related topic without resorting to clichés? Do you have a secret getaway where talented local craftspeople work, or have you have travelled far to find out about a textile tradition? Then tell us about your experience. Maybe you have visited an exhibition, read a book or seen a film you would like to review. We are looking for a lively, readable style, with a dash of humour but also require a thorough knowledge of textiles, attention to detail and accurate grammar.


When mentioning a company or product please include a URL next to the company name. For example, ‘In the latest issue of Selvedge <> one of...’


Begin your blog with your name and a one sentence bio to introduce yourself as a new contributor to the readers. You may want to add a link to your own site here.


Please include a final section with further reading or practical information. Make sure you include any venue details, opening times and a website.


Photography included in Selvedge must be styled, composed and considered. The devil is in the detail… A beautiful shot can be spoiled by the inappropriate placing of items such as a plastic bottle of water/dustbins and rubbish/radiators/a garment draped on the back of a chair etc. Often you don’t see those things until you have the photograph so it’s important to check as you go. Compositions with diagonals have a greater sense of energy. Cropping of images is also hugely important, for example if there is a model in the photograph it can be ruined if the feet are cropped. All images should be captioned. You will need 1 large beautiful image to fill the top box, the size is 600 x 350px (WxH). Additional images should be 600px x 350px. Please note the photograph will have to be approved by our editorial team before the blog can be published.




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